Drawing from the strength and expertise of its affiliate, MPC Marine, with its contacts and supply sources worldwide, MATEC has ventured into the maritime and marine industry and offers modern naval vessels, tugboats/water tractors with cycloidal propulsion systems, high-speed seacraft, ferries, simulation systems and navigational systems/aids.

With the capability to identify optimum supply sources and conditions to match technical requirements, MATEC also offers the wide range of ship components from winches, instruments to lifeboats and flares. MATEC has supplied harbor lighting, trailing cables and electrical equipment for port operations.

Optimized integration of reliable inter-island shipping with extensive road and railway networks is a key element in rural development. Easy to assemble/install steel bridges connect vital farm to market roads.

Cement Bulk carrier, 17, 000 tons dwt, cargo capacity of up to 15, 000 m, and service speed of 13.5 knots, with loading and unloading equipment having handling rates of up to 1000 T/Hr.
Water Tractors with free-running speeds up to 15 knots, bollard pulls in excess of 70 tonnes and 360° maneuverability.
  Port Facilities for passengers, containerized and bulk cargo, fully illuminated by modem high mast lighting systems, with advanced cargo handling equipment-gantry/quay and mobile cranes for up to 50 tons, and 80 tons respectively, including pneumatic or belt conveyor systems for bulk cargo.   Naval Patrol Vessel up to 1300 dwt and 25 knots, with MICOS Combat, Command and Control System including armaments.
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