Collaborating closely with the majority of telecom carriers, MATEC played a vital role in the establishment of primary communications infrastructures and its involvement reached from networks to transmissions backbones and from PABXs to terminals.

Intelligent networks for voice, data, text and video communications have emerged, necessitating wide-band, high-speed transmission systems employing terrestrial microwave radio, coaxial and fiber-optic cables. MATEC packaged the supplying and financing of such large communication networks.

MATEC actively contributed to the tremendous leaps in the industry's evolution from a teledensity of less than one telephone per 100 inhabitants in the early 80s to about ten telephones in the late 90s.

It installed more than 20,000 communication ports to provide tailor- made solutions to the specific though complex needs of a diverse clientele ranging from the banking, manufacturing, food, mining, transportation, trading and tourism sector, to cooperatives and people's organisations.

Alongside the present rapid technological developments in the communication field, MATEC continues to offer support and services to previous systems, such as Gentex facilities, still in use in rural communities.

As mankind enters the threshold to the next millennium, MATEC commits its continuing involvement, through traditional or modern means, to bring communication and information technology to the islands and to the farmer.

Digital Microwave Backbone, 140 / 34 / 8 / 2 Mbps, with 1 + 1 hot-standby protection, with up to 100 km hop lenghts, frequency, space and hybrid diversity supplied to

PT + T
Capitol Wireless
Eastern Telecoms
  Fiber Optic Cable Links up to 140 Mbps, 1310 nm optimized single-mode optical fibers, low attenuation, with armoured protection supplied to

PT & T
Bank of the Phil. Islands
Capitol Wireless 
  Data Communication Networks, up to 2, 000 ports, with Advanced Network Processors, with provincial nodes and multiplexers (TDM) to serve nationwide subscribers, provided to
PT + T, Packet-Switch EDX-P

Fully electronic micro processor-controlled digital office communication systems, modular design for both hardware and software, up to 992 communication ports, accommodates a wide range of analog and digital terminals provide to

PCI Bank
Coca-Cola Bottling
Telecoms Plaza
Urban Bank
Far East Bank
Int'l Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Benguet Corp.

Emergency Call Boxes for motorist assistance, CMTS technology, Solar PV power supply computer-controlled for monitoring, alarm and maintenance supplied to

North Luzon Toll way
South Luzon Toll way
Phil. National Construction Corp.
  Amidst multifaceted communication terminals with hi-tech features the durable telex machine provides vital telegram service to rural areas. 50-300 bauds, with paper tape unit or microdisk storage   Solar Photovoltaic Power Supply 1960 Wp, 48 volts DC, for remote radio repeater station eliminates costly hauling of fuel to remote mountaintop provided to PT + T and Oceanic Wireless   Digital Oscilloscopes 2 GHz, 1 GHz and 500 MHz Bandwidths
Sample Rates t 4 GS/s
1mV to 10V/div sensitivity
1% Vertical Accuracy
Up to 1 GHz Differential Measurements
Full GPIB Programmability
Floppy Disk Storage supplied to

TDK Phil.
University of San Carlos Cebu
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