During the early 80s, MATEC supply of industrial equipment and replacement parts concentrated on the mining sector, the country's then flagship industry. The following decade was dominated by successful business with the expanding cement industry.

While focusing on underground copper and gold mining activities, MATEC supplied, among others, crushers, conveying belt elements, ballmills, weighing scales and pumps. In the sector of safety and rescue equipment, it had the monopoly for breathing apparatuses. Up to today, MATEC has also been serving the mining industry by providing coal-mining consultancy.

During the recent construction boom, 90% of the Philippines' cement plants became customers of MATEC who provided them with raw materials handling equipment such as crushers, with clinker coolers, conveying and weighing systems, cement pumps and process automation.

MATEC successfully obtained orders from the glass industry, the steel fabrication, metalworking and construction industry, the pulp, paper and textile industry as well as various chemical industries.

MATEC has also participated in the development of the coco-chem industry and obtained numerous equipment contracts mainly for turbines, compressors, pumps, couplings and electrical components.

MATEC's contribution to the modernization of the sugar industry consists of consultancy services involved from the planting stage until the refined product and the supply of equipment and components for powerhouses to refineries and distilleries.

After an era of machinery and equipment supply for the wood processing industry, MATEC continued to serve the agro-industrial sector and supplied pineapple processing equipment and canning machinery. MATEC looks back positively over the past 32 years which saw the securing of a long series of orders for mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment from the food processing, canning and bottling industries, including breweries.

90% of all mining companies were provided oxygen breathing apparatuses and gas detectors such as:

Apex Mining
Philex Mining
MATEC has supplied and arranged Erection and Commissioning of the following equipment among others:

Two(2) Large Heavy Duty Double Chain Bucket Elevators each having a capacity of 900 tph of Clinker COnveying to heights of 36m and 23 m respectively.
Two (2) Clinker Cooler 1500 tpd for Line 1 as well as for Line 2
Multi-cyclone Dust Collectors
Cement Pumps
Rotary Air Compressors
Two (2) Heavy Duty Conveyors each 96 m length conveying 130 tph Clinker to a height of 19 m
MATEC has arranged Supply, Erection and Commissioning Supervision of the Clinker Grate Cooler having a maximum capacity of 4200 tpd including Hammer Clinker Crusher and Drag Chain as well as:

Mixing and Homogenizing Silos
Cement Pumps and Cement Conveying System
Air Compressors
Cement Pumps
Coal Dosing and Feeding Units
  To Bacnotan Cement Corporation, the complete Clinker Trasport System which consisted of five (5) Deep Drawn Pan conveyors with length varying from 23 m to 63 m with capacities of 300 tph were supplied as well as seven (7) Chain Bucket Elevators each 300 tph capacity Clinker to heights up to 36 m as well as a High Capacity Heavy Duty Belt Bucket Elevator of 1200 tph capacity of Cement to a height of 22.5 m. DUCC's sister companies Davao Union Cement Corp. and Hi-Cement Corp. also ordered similar couplings, pumps and the complete process automation system.
Through its affiliate SKET Walzwerktechnik GmBH MATEC provides engineering and supply of complete steel mills.   The complete HD eccentric press line to produce 20' and 40' container was suppplied to ACE Container Phil.   18 High Speed coining presses as well as more than 750 tons of coin blanks were supplied to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas   The entire pump requirement as well as large hydrogen compressors for the fatty acid and alcohol plant of COCOCHEM in Batangas were supplied.
A large number of process pumps were supplied for the various Food processing plants of NESTLE in Alabang, Cabuyao, Lipa City and Cagayan de Oro.   For the expansion of the Mill and construction of a Refinery of URSUMCO large horizontally split Pumps as well as Process pumps were provided.   Constant Filling type Turbo Coupling supplied for Centrifuge Drive of a starch factory.   For the 53 Storey PB Com Tower all pumps for the Chilled Water Air - conditioning system were ordered.
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