"Traffic" has become a buzzword creating headaches for city planners, commuters and businessmen.
The imperative solution -- an efficient mass transport system.

participated in the development of the railway system to complement existing traditional transport services. It supplied electrical equipment/ components and reliable world-tested couplers for trains which allow the automatic coupling or releasing of the train without manual involvement. This results in additional safety and time saving. With its European partners, MATEC provides a wide range of railway subsystems and equipment -- from huge D.C. power supply systems, traction motors, transmissions for locomotive and rail vehicles, turnouts, to catenaries, pantographs and rail fixation products.

Train Couplers , with proven fail-safe coupling design with shock absorption, pivot/cushioning unit, electrical coupling and air-type connection installed at LRT 1 and MRT 3.  
Aircraft Towing Tractor Drawbar pull, 25, 000 kg max. 340 Hp Deutz Diesel Engine with full hydraulic steering, with 90 KVA Ground Power unit supplied to PAL.
  Modular Steel Bridge in single and double lane configuration available in span lengths of five(5) meters increments.   Automatic transmission for buses and trains, electrohydraulically activated, with electronic control systems.

Mobile Telescopic cranes for the construction of infrastructure and industrial plant facilities as well as Lattice Boom Cranes up to a maximum 1200 tons lifting capacity.

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